Consumer Services

We offer a variety of consumer services designed to educate, facilitate, train and assist individuals to reach their full potential and live life to the fullest. These services include:

Behavior Support

Our processes for skill assessment, goal development, training, and data tracking have consistently proven successful at reducing or eliminating behaviors that interfere with an individual’s ability to achieve their full potential.

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Community Integration

We provide individualized training and support to our clients that facilitates the skill development needed for community integration.

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Our training includes vocational interest assessments, pre-employment preparedness, job seeking skills, interviewing, understanding employer expectations, placement, and continual follow-up supports such as full-time job coaching.

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Supported Living

We support the individual’s responsibility for making life decisions on the basis of personal preference and knowledge of life issues.

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Emergency Response

We work diligently to stabilize the crisis, develop a reentry plan, and collaborate the resources necessary to ensure the success of the client.

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