Featured: CVTC Celebrating over 38 Years of Service!

April 2017 represented a very special time in the history of CVTC. Thirty five years prior CVTC opened its first program with a mission to open doors that had traditionally been closed to men and women with develop-mental disabilities. The mission was proven to be alive and well on April 19, 2017 when CVTC opened the doors to its second Stockton program (Stockton East). As has been the case since the early days, the mission of CVTC can only be achieved through the efforts of exceptional team members working together to address the care and safety needs of those we serve while ensuring we provide the highest quality of training possible. The Stockton East team came in ready and the positive outcomes of their efforts are already evidenced in the smiles of the participants coming through the doors every morning and waving good-bye each afternoon. Jacy and Corey (pictured above right) are two members of the exceptional team that has made the mission of CVTC a reality at Stockton East. Their smiles are an extension of every team member from the Program Director Rachel Hamilton to the Program Coordinators Maria Burks, Steven Corpus and Amanda Flores to the Instructors and every member of the CVTC team who assisted with opening this program. Everything it has taken to make Stockton East a reality is a direct result of the mission established over 3 decades ago. If you haven’t stopped by yet to meet all of us and our participants come on by. We’d love to show you around!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for CVTC?

Individuals who live in the areas surrounding a program, individuals who live with a qualifying disability and individuals who could benefit from the services CVTC offers.

What are the services CVTC offers?

CVTC offers a wide variety of customizable services thru the day program at enriched ratios of one instructor per 3 participants.  The Participant’s Individual Service Plan may include facility or community based training, additional supports and skill development in the areas of social skills, community interaction, self-care, academics applied for daily life, and vocational/employment.  Instruction modalities include, but are not limited to visual cues, group and individual practice, and application.

Another Way services offers Supported Living and Independent Living services for people desiring to live independently, and those who already live in a home of their own with supports.  Services are customizable to meet the needs of each participant.  Another Way offers in home behavioral support for individuals with challenging behavior.  Supports are designed to implement existing behavior plans and provide input and data into development and/or re-evaluation of behavior plans.

Who pays for CVTC Services?

CVTC services are funded by the Regional Center.  Non Public Agency Students age 18-22 are funded by the School District.  CVTC has made arrangements for private pay services on an individual basis.

Where are the locations?

The Administrative Office of CVTC is located at 7475 Murray Drive Suite 21, Stockton CA 95210.  Program Sites are located in Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Fresno, and Visalia.

What are the hours and days of operation?

Day Programs operate from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m., in general.  Schedules vary depending on the scheduled activity or consumer work schedules.  In Home Services such as Independent Living and Supported Living Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is transportation available?

Each community has varying transportation options.  There may be contracted transportation, city bus, reimbursement for parent/care home transportation or CVTC facilitated transportation available.  Transportation Options will be discussed in the intake meeting for the individual.

How can CVTC provide staffing solutions for employers?

CVTC provides direct hire options for an employer.  Additionally, employers can contract with CVTC to provide a group of 3 or 4 individuals to complete jobs.  The contract is done thru CVTC administrative office.  Benefits of contracting include CVTC training and supervising the group of people.  CVTC pays the employees directly.  CVTC insurance covers employees during work hours.  A CVTC supervisor is present at all times while work is being conducted to ensure quality and consistency.   CVTC administrative services bills the employer the contracted amount for services rendered.  This helps employers control costs associated with portions of their business.

How can I find out about hiring a CVTC program participant?

Contact the Administrative Office of CVTC at (209) 951-1671.

How does CVTC give back to the community?

CVTC participants and staff regularly volunteer in their communities.  This volunteer work provides an opportunity to practice work skills in an applied environment and give back to the community.  If you are currently looking for volunteers in your community please contact the CVTC Program Director located in your community.

How can I find out more information?

Contact the Program Director of the CVTC in your community or contact the Administrative office.


7475 Murray Drive, Suite 21
Stockton, CA 95210
Phone (209) 951-1671
Chief Operating Officer, Sonya Fox-Watson,

Stockton West Non Public Agency/ Day Program
7603 Murray Drive
Stockton, CA 95210
Phone (209)951-1504
Program Director, Whitney Costley,

Stockton East Day Program
7333 Tam O’Shanter Drive
Stockton, CA 95210
Phone (209) 490-4666
Program Director, Angel Roverso,

Sacramento Day Program
10370 Old Placerville Road Ste 100-A
Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone (916) 619-8441
Program Director, Jerry Poole,

Another Way

7475 Murray Drive, Suite 9
Stockton, CA 95210
Phone (209) 951-1515
Program Director, Mary Velazquez,

Modesto Non Public Agency/ Day Program
1405 Kansas Ave, Suite C
Modesto, CA 95351
Phone (209) 522-0332
Program Director, Mary Velazquez,

Merced Day Program
865 Piper Avenue
Merced, CA 95341
Phone (209) 388-9242
Regional Director of Operations, Nikki Hill,

Fresno East Non Public Agency/ Day Program
4018 North Ann Avenue
Fresno, CA 93727
Phone (559) 292-1392
Program Director, Aaron Walker,

Fresno West Non Public Agency/ Day Program
3685 W. Holland Avenue
Fresno, CA 93722
Phone (559) 228-8696
Program Director, Robert Aguilar,

Visalia Day Program
9838 West Grove Avenue
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone (559) 651-2844
Program Director, Maria Lowes,

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