Aaron Walker

Aaron Joe Walker joined the Central Valley Training Center, Inc. (CVTC) team on 7/25/2013, as an Instructor On-Call Substitute. Through time, Aaron acclimated to his role and soon promoted to an Instructor IV Team Lead then Interim Program Coordinator. As Aaron gained experience, he developed a passion for providing quality service to individuals with intellectual disabilities and found his calling.  Aaron enjoyed his time as a leader and was able to implement his strong work ethic and morals to his team.  As an Interim Program Coordinator, he worked alongside his staff and consumers, he felt a sense of responsibility to do more.  Aaron soon promoted as CVTC’s first  RAPID Coordinator. In February 2019, Aaron’s ability to take on challenging situations straight forward with a calm demeanor exemplifies the roles and responsibilities that comes with his promotion to Program Director of CVTC’s Fresno East day program. 

During Aaron’s off time he enjoys spending time with friends and family. Aaron also, enjoys participating in recreational activities that include Basketball, Softball and Ping-Pong.   


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