Cheri Worcester

Cheri Worcester is happy to be part of CVTC, serving as the Director of Behavior Services. Ms. Worcester grew up in south eastern Ontario, Canada, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and an Applied Arts and Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Ms. Worcester came to California in 2000, where she continued her education, earning a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, Doctorate in Educational Psychology and most recently, certification in Organizational Behavior Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. Ms. Worcester is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Behavior Analyst. Prior to joining CVTC, Ms. Worcester has held leadership positions in public school districts, non-public agencies providing services to children and adults with disabilities, and mental health agencies. Ms. Worcester has provided education consultation, BCBA/RBT mentorship, behavior analyst support and independent comprehensive educational assessments to hundreds of families, BCBA/RBT candidates and to over 50 school districts across California, Minnesota, Nevada, Alabama and Canada. Ms. Worcester is a past liaison to the Down Syndrome Connection Bay Area and Board Member of the Childhood Anxiety Network. When not working, Ms. Worcester enjoys kayaking, hiking, running destination marathons and spending time with her family.

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